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The Life Workout Book LWB 32894

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"Sometimes you just need a little help seeing your truth before you can speak it!"

You know the reason for many of the appliances in your home, the car in your driveway, and the various utensils and machines around the house. Yet you may not know your purpose, your reason for living. You can tell someone how not to treat another person, or even an animal, yet have no idea when you are mistreating yourself, as you walk oblivious to your purpose and reason for living. 

 Wouldn't it be great if someone could take years of their life and investigate the truthes that unlock  the deeper meaning of life?

 Well, they have! Eric S Upchurch Sr. has written an introspectinve book that helps you not only dig deep, but helps you find the answers you need. Not only that, but you are enlightened and empowered to tell yourself the truths that you need to hear. 

 Become empowered, inspired, and excited about the prospects of living the life you were always intended to. 

 Order Your Copy Today!

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